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Swing State Poll Shows Donald Trump with Narrow Lead Over Joe Biden

via WOOD TV8
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A new poll shows former President Donald Trump with a slight edge over President Joe Biden in the key swing state of North Carolina.

The Marist survey found Trump with 51% support to Biden’s 48%, within the margin of error.

When independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was included, Trump’s lead remained 3 points.

Unlike Georgia polls, Trump led among independent voters in North Carolina by 6 points.

While Biden maintained support from Black voters, it decreased significantly from 2020.

Trump also made gains with younger voters. A majority of North Carolinians disapproved of Biden’s job performance and had concerns about his mental fitness.

Most believed Trump was stronger on key issues like the economy and immigration.

In interviews, Trump warned the country is in “deep trouble” under Biden and that more damage could be done before the 2024 election, calling the upcoming vote the most important in history.

“This country is in deep trouble,” Trump said. “We’ve never been in trouble like this. We’re in more trouble because [Vladimir] Putin doesn’t respect us. Ukraine never would have happened with Russia. Israel never would have been invaded.”

“We wouldn’t have inflation because it was all caused by energy. Day one it was caused by energy. I think we’re in massive trouble as a country,” he added.

“We have a little more than seven months until the election, and that sounds like a short time, but that’s an eternity for this lunatic to be running this country. If we don’t win…I think that November 5 is the most important day in the history of our country,” Trump said.

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