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Stephen Miller: Democrat Base Is ‘Super-Rich White People Living Who Have More Servants than Children’

via FOX
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According to former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, President Biden’s high-dollar New York City fundraiser featuring celebrities like Lizzo and Barack Obama demonstrated the Democratic Party’s base as wealthy Manhattan elites.

Miller said if you were in that room you’d see the “core” of Biden’s constituency – super rich white people living in Manhattan with more servants than children, who alone support policies like defunding police, open borders and endless wars.

“Man, if you were in that room, Miller, you would have been screaming at the top of your lungs, too,” FNC host Jesse Watters said.

Miller argued this shows Biden’s brand is catering to those worth over $10 million.

“Yes, albeit for different reasons, and it wouldn’t have been out of an overwhelming excitement of seeing Lizzo perform,” Miller said. “But you have to appreciate the fact the base of the Democratic Party is in that room. And who is it? Super-rich white people living in Manhattan who have more servants than children. That is the core Joe Biden brand. If you are somebody who has more servants than kids and you are worth over $10 million, then you’re a Biden voter. Congratulations. Because they’re the only ones in the country that support radical crime, defunding police, open borders, and endless wars overseas.”

Miller said it’s unseemly for Biden to brag about raising money from Wall Street special interests, as he’s been owned by them for decades, and corrupt politicians once had the dignity not to flaunt their corruption so publicly.

The fundraiser revealed Biden’s core supporters and his willingness to openly embrace wealthy backers, according to Miller.

“So it’s not surprising that Joe Biden can raise a bunch of money from those people, because that’s his core constituency,” he added. “I think it’s unseemly that the Biden campaign is bragging. We raised so much money from Wall Street. Look at us. Yes, we get it, Joe. You’ve been owned by special interests for half a century. You don’t need to keep telling us. We understand. Stop bragging about it. In the old days, corrupt politicians at least had the dignity not to own their corruption so publicly, not to flaunt it, Jesse.”

“You used to try to hide these little ritzy fundraisers from the press,” Watters said.

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