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Poll Shows Trump Ahead of Biden in Battleground Districts

via FOX6 News Milwaukee
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A recent poll found former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in key battleground districts for the 2024 election.

The survey showed Trump ahead of Biden by 2.4 percentage points, with Trump gaining ground in recent months.

Trump’s lead expanded when independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was included.

Biden was underwater with his approval rating in these districts.

Voters identified border security and immigration as the top priority issue facing the country.

Senator Ron Johnson argued that Biden and Democrats are destroying the country through their radical left policies, including high inflation, deficit spending, weak foreign policy, division sown through identity politics and Critical Race Theory.

Johnson said Republicans must provide an effective counter to the Democratic Party’s agenda.

“We must provide an effective counter to the ideology and policies of the radical left that are destroying this country,” Johnson said, adding that the “Democratic Party now is the radical left,” Sen. Ron Johnson said.

“I mean, again, 6, 7, 8 million people from this country, we don’t know who they are, military age men, possibly sleeper cells. … High inflation, this massive deficit spending … the war on fossil fuels, the weakness we show internationally, which has caused our adversaries to act. It’s destroying America, the division they’re sowing,” he said.

“They’re dividing this country under identity politics, Critical Race Theory, transgenderism,” Johnson added. “They’re purposely dividing this country.”

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