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Joe Biden Feeling Anxious Privately as Trump Gains Ground

via Sky News Australia

President Biden has expressed frustration with his declining approval ratings and inability to gain more support for his agenda.

Recent polling shows waning support in critical states like Michigan and Georgia related to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In private meetings, Biden has strongly voiced his discontent and belief that he deserves more credit for his economic accomplishments.

Some Democrats are losing patience, urging Biden to more aggressively promote his record and take on Trump directly.

Rep. Adam Smith said, “Biden stood up in front of the whole world and said, ‘I’m ready. I’m the guy who can take down Donald Trump.’”

Smith added, “So, he [expletive] well better do it. We don’t have time for him to be worried about whether or not people are saying things right or the poll numbers are where they should be. I want focused energy and not defensive anger.”

While Biden wants to connect more with voters, concerns over his safety as an older president have led to adjustments in his public appearances.

There is debate within the administration over balancing Biden’s image while ensuring his well-being, with some advocating letting him engage directly with the public in his own style.

“He’s probably a little mad at himself for not being more forceful with the staff,” one source stated.

“The man’s been successful for decades in Congress and became vice president and president,” another source said. “If you try to change the person, you’re making a mistake. Let the president go out there and do his thing,” they said.

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