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Jimmy Kimmel Challenges MAGA Supporters with U.S. Citizenship Test

via CBS Sunday Morning

Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel have been feuding publicly.

At the Oscars, Kimmel mocked Trump on stage, prompting Trump to try and spin the narrative in his favor.

Kimmel then sent a writer to a Trump rally to give supporters a basic citizenship test to see “how patriotic these patriots are.”

“The fact of the matter is the people who support Trump and the MAGA agenda are under the impression that America was founded on the idea of excluding those who do not share your beliefs, which is the opposite of the truth,” Kimmel said.

When asked basic questions like the supreme law of the land and number of amendments, many supporters struggled to answer correctly or changed their answers.

One said the first three words of the Constitution were “In God we trust” instead of “We the people.”

Although one supporter got that right, the writer acknowledged he had received help from a passerby.

This reinforced Kimmel’s view that Trump supporters are incorrectly thinking America was founded on excluding others, rather than the principles of inclusion tested.

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