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CNN Data Reporter Puts Trump’s Bad News Into Terms Even He Can Understand

via FOX

Donald Trump is significantly trailing Joe Biden in campaign fundraising. Biden’s campaign reported having over $71 million cash on hand in June, more than double Trump’s $33.5 million.

Biden also raised $25 million at a single New York fundraiser last week.

In comparison, Trump has resorted to selling items like a $60 Bible and $399 sneakers to raise funds, but the numbers required for these to match Biden’s fundraising are daunting – Trump would need to sell over 400,000 Bibles or 62,657 pairs of sneakers to reach $25 million.

“He would need to sell more than 400,000 of those to reach $25 million,” CNN’s Harry Enten said.

“He would have to sell approximately 62,657 of them,” Enten said.

“So that’s why he’s looking forward to that big fundraiser next month,” Enten said, “Because simply put, this type of stuff, this gimmicky stuff, ain’t gonna get him there.”

A major Florida fundraiser Trump has planned for next month, with a goal of $33 million, is viewed as critical for him to close the financial gap, as ad hoc merchandise sales alone will not be sufficient.

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