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Scaramucci: We Have to Make Sure Republicans Either Don’t Vote or Vote for Biden

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Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly served as White House communications director under Trump, said he is working to split the Republican party and discourage Trump supporters from voting or convince them to vote for Biden instead.

He praised Republicans like Liz Cheney and Paul Ryan who have opposed Trump, saying disagreements with Biden’s policies can be addressed later rather than risking further damage from Trump.

“I would say to you and other people that are listening here, it’s one day and one step at a time. I’m going to do my job or my part in this. I certainly love Liz Cheney for what she’s doing. We’d like to get Paul Ryan out there. Secretary Esper has told people publicly that I may not like President Biden’s policies, but we can deal with policies that we disagree with in three or four years as opposed to what Mr. Trump could do to the nation. And so we got to get more people out there like that,” Scaramucci said.

Scaramucci noted exit polls found many Nikki Haley supporters said they would never back Trump, and the bloc needs reinforcement to deny Trump the crossover votes he would need to win like past Republicans received.

He added, “I think the good news is that if you look at the Nikki Haley exit polling, lots of those people say no way, never, I’m not voting for Donald Trump. We’ve got to reinforce that because you know and I know without the crossover vote, you did this for a living, if you don’t get that crossover vote from John McCain into George W. Bush, he doesn’t win the presidency. Hillary Clinton did not get that vote from Bernie Sanders, but Barack Obama got it from Hillary Clinton. And we have to prevent Donald Trump from getting that vote.”

His goal is to divide Republicans while Democrats unite, ensuring voters opposed to Trump’s impact on democracy either abstain or vote for Biden in defense of democratic norms and institutions.

“While the Democrats are unifying and standing with the democracy, we’ve got to split the Republicans and got to make sure that these people either don’t vote or they vote for Joe Biden with a statement that they’re there to preserve the democracy, they are patriots first and partisans last,” Scaramucci added.

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