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NY Attorney General Facing Accusations of Bullying Women Over Stance on Trans Athletes in Lawsuit

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Ban on transgender females

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A dispute has arisen in New York between the state’s Democratic leadership and Nassau County over a ban on transgender females from competing in female sports. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman issued an executive order implementing the ban, arguing it is necessary to protect fairness and safety for female athletes.

Protecting women and girls


“This is not anti-trans, this is protecting women and girls,” Blakeman said.

Letitia James


New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered the county to cease the ban, saying it discriminates against transgender people.

Discriminating against women

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Now the county is suing the state, alleging James is discriminating against women.

Woke agenda

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“My fear is that if this woke agenda, that’s out there, you know, the DEI world that’s out there, if this continues, it’ll ruin women’s sports over the next 10 to 20 years. Let’s stop it now while we can,” trans activist Caitlyn Jenner said. “What’s going to happen 20 years from now… when young girls are going to want to go out for sports and they’re going to say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to play girls sports. I have to play against the boys.'”

Nassau County’s position

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“Nassau County’s position is grounded in the reality that a person who is born as a male (biological male) but who identifies as a female is still in fact a biological male,” attorney David Gelman said. “If you accept that premise, then these transgender individuals are males who do not fall into a protected class and who are in fact infringing upon the rights of a protected class (females).”

Biological reality

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“The NYCLU in its Verified Petition essentially ignores biological reality, pretends that gender is essentially unknown at birth despite biological markers that speak to the contrary, and simply defines these individuals as another type of female, ‘transgender females,’ in need of protection,” he said.

Political target

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“Trans people who play sports need support and affirmation, not to be a political target,” NYCLU attorney Gabriella Larios stated. “Nassau County’s cynical attempt to shut them out of public spaces is a blatant violation of our state’s civil and human rights laws.”

Biological males

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“In fact, the Executive Order invites transgender biological males to compete except in teams and leagues that advertise or identify as exclusively all-girls or all-women,” the lawsuit states.

Not allowed to compete

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They argue that transgender females still have male biology and should not be allowed to compete against biological females.


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LGBT groups counter that the ban is discriminatory and that gender identity, not biology alone, should determine eligibility.

Protected under the Constitution

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“Women and girls are a protected class under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New York,” Blakeman said. “And we will protect women from bullying by transgender males who want to compete against biological females.”

No discrimination

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“It is something that we believe is wrong,” he said. “And we think that since there are other avenues for them to compete, that there is no discrimination.”

Legal and constitutional support

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Both sides claim legal and constitutional support for their positions.

Blakeman’s executive order

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“County Executive Blakeman’s executive order is transphobic and discriminatory,” a spokesperson for James’ office stated. “Our laws protect New Yorkers from discrimination, and the Office of the Attorney General is committed to upholding those laws and protecting our communities. This is not up for debate: the executive order is illegal, and it will not stand in New York.”

Courts determine

via CBS

The lawsuits seek to have the courts determine whether transgender females should be considered within the protected legal class of women.

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