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Nevada Senate GOP Hopeful Jeff Gunter Donated to Anti-Trump Republicans Like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney

via KPVM News
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Former Trump ambassador Jeff Gunter is running in the Republican primary for Senate in Nevada, though he has a history of donating to anti-Trump Republicans. Gunter gave over $8,000 to Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, and thousands more to Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Susan Collins.

One of Gunter’s consultants secured $50 million for a “scam” super PAC that backed Ron DeSantis but criticized Trump as a “liability” and said calling to overturn the 2020 election was “damaging to our Republic.”

“We’ve made clear from the beginning that this was a scam PAC looking to grift off Ron DeSantis and it comes as welcome news they are no longer attempting to fleece our donors,” former DeSantis communications director Andrew Romeo stated.

“Trump is a liability at the top of the ticket and his re-nomination would only give the Democratic Party more fodder. Voters are starting to wake up!!” the PAC wrote in 2022.

“Once again we can recognize the achievements of the President Trump… but calling to terminate constitutional law is not only lunacy but damaging to our Republic.”

“At this point we are no different than the Left. It’s time for Trump to retire and make room for new blood,” they wrote.

“DeSantis can wrangle the needed suburban, Hispanic, and independent voters while maintaining the rural Trump base to come out with a victory. Trump is simply poison to many of the needed crossover voters,” Ron to the Rescue wrote.

“Progressives know DeSantis is a strong potential candidate and is not going to engage as easily in their unhinged childish school yard games like former President Trump has and continues to do. Democrats are scared, they know Ron DeSantis is the strongest, most viable Republican that can win the 2024 presidential election. They know DeSantis is De-Future,” they wrote.

Trump’s “unfavorability is at an all time high amongst key voters at 55% which is 20 points higher than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 35%,” the PAC wrote.

A State Department report also found Gunter created a “threatening and intimidating environment” as ambassador to Iceland.

His connections to anti-Trump figures and poor performance as ambassador could undermine Gunter’s claims of being an “America First” candidate in the contested Nevada GOP Senate primary.

“When Jeff served as United States ambassador, he completely failed to execute his duties in some of the most important times for the country. He was in Los Angeles, not at his post, when he needed to be there to lead his organization,” a former senior State Department official stated.

“That says all you need to know about his ability to lead and whether he ought to be a United States senator or not,” they added.

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