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Joe Biden Spikes Immigrant Population to 51.4 Million

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The number of migrants in the US hit a record 51.4 million under President Biden, up 6.4 million since he took office according to a new report.

If trends continue, the foreign-born population could reach 60 million, or 17.5% of the nation’s total, by the end of Biden’s term.

Many migrants arrive legally via various government programs, but illegal immigration has risen an estimated 4 million under Biden’s leadership.

“Legal immigrants still account for roughly three-fourths of the total foreign-born population,” one report noted.

Large cities often rely on immigrant inflows to replace Americans moving elsewhere, functioning as what some have called a “demographic Ponzi scheme.”

“Immigration is a boon for New York City’s economy – immigrants are more likely to work, start a business, and contribute billions of dollars into our New York economy in spending power and tax revenue,” comptroller Brad Lander said. “Investing in immigration legal services will bolster New York City’s bottom line by keeping workers in the workforce, getting new arrivals work authorization, keeping families together and providing pathways to upward mobility.

“Its clear that even though we welcome refugees and asylees for humanitarian reasons, they bring cultural richness, enhance community vibrancy, and – as we showed in our report – add a net positive economic contribution to the U.S.!,” wrote Miranda Lynch-Smith, a deputy assistant secretary for Human Services policy. “There are so many reasons to do what is right and welcome and assist refugees and asylees.”

Many powerful political and business interests support high immigration for economic reasons, although the influx reduces wages and opportunity for many Americans while imposing colonial-like burdens on source countries.

The decades-long policy of “extraction migration” has significantly impacted the US economy, politics, innovation and society for both native-born citizens and migrants, according to analyses in the report.

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