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Carville: Non-White Male Voter ‘Detachment’ Troublesome for Biden

via CNN
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Democratic strategist James Carville expressed concern that President Biden could lose support from non-white male voters, particularly younger black and Hispanic males, who appear to be disengaging from the political process.

Carville noted polling has improved somewhat for Biden but said Democrats will struggle to replicate the diverse coalition that elected Biden in 2020, and may lose Hispanic male voters in particular.

Carville said, “We need help. I’m not sugarcoating this thing at all. We’re not at an advantageous position right now. We’re going to have a hard time replicating the 2020 coalition particularly among under 30 and non-white. For President Biden to come back and win this thing, we’re going to have do better with middle roaders, swing voters.”

He is troubled by signs of growing detachment, especially among non-white males, as it could hamper Biden’s reelection chances and the party’s ability to build support going forward if certain demographic groups disconnect from engaging with the political system.

While Carville thinks Biden could still win, the lack of identification with the Democratic party among some male voters of color represents a significant challenge that risks undermining future electoral prospects.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber asked, “Do you feel the same way? Do you think the State of the Union changed anything?”

Carville said, “I do think that the polling has gotten a little bit better, that I do. But we’re not going to replicate the 2020 coalition. Most people think we’re going to lose Hispanic males. The young black males have become so disengaged from this process and it’s happened rapidly.”

He added, “That’s a great concern for me. I think President Biden could win the election, but I think in terms of identifying with the party and building as you go forward, the male detachment in the United States is a significant problem particularly among what we would call non-white white males. It troubles me.”

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