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Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps At Interviewer’s ‘Incredibly Insulting’ Question

via FOX

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted strongly when asked by a North Carolina radio interviewer if President Biden has dementia, calling the question “incredibly insulting.”

After the host said listeners asked him to inquire about Biden’s health, Jean-Pierre said the president’s physician has provided comprehensive reports and Biden’s daily actions show his focus.

“When I told a number of people that I was talking to you today, it was interesting, though. They all said: ‘Would you please just ask her, does the president have dementia?’ And so, before I move on from it ― does he?” Mark Garrison said.

“Mark, I can’t even believe you’re asking me this question,” Jean-Pierre said.

“But, you know people ask it,” Garrison said.

“You’re taking us down this rabbit hole,” Jean-Pierre said. “Let me be very clear about this. For the past several years, the president’s physician has laid out very, in a comprehensive way, the president’s health. This is a president — if you watch him every day, if you really pay attention to his record and what he has done, you will see exactly how focused he’s been on the American people, how historic his actions have been. And so I’m not even going to truly… take the premise of your question. I think it is incredibly insulting. And so we can move on to the next question.”

“And with that, thank you so much, Mark. Have an amazing, amazing day,” she said, hanging up.

Some reports said Jean-Pierre abruptly ended the call after 7 minutes, but the White House said the scheduled time was up.

While the interviewer’s approach was accused of grandstanding, the ages of Biden, 81, and potential 2024 rival Trump, 77, have raised voters’ concerns about both candidates’ mental capabilities, according to a recent poll.

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