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Customer barred from Buc-ee’s for bringing his service duck into Tennessee outlet

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A man who brought his service duck named Wrinkle into a Tennessee Buc-ee’s store has been banned from the entire chain.

In a YouTube video, Justin Wood showed Wrinkle shopping with him in the store, receiving attention from customers.

Employees initially allowed them but a third told him no pets were permitted.

Wood said Wrinkle was a service animal and offered proof, continuing to shop.

“OK, but she is a service animal” Wood said.

“There’s no pets in here. Your animal, even if it’s considered a service animal, you have to be able to contain it, and it can fly out,” an employee said. “If it was a dog it’d have to be on a leash.”

“Can I put her on a leash?” Wood asked.

However, police then told him Buc-ee’s had banned him from all locations for trespassing if seen again.

While Wrinkle brought joy to customers, Buc-ee’s policy only allows service animals and those working with police due to health code restrictions on live animals where food is present.

“They’re requesting you to be banned from the store,” a police officer stated.

Wood accepted the outcome in a friendly exchange with police, saying adventures require downs but ups are ahead, and that Wrinkle did nothing but make people happy.

“Who loves Buc-ee’s?” Wood said. “He don’t love us. That’s OK.”

“She did nothing but make everybody happy in there.”

“It’s not an adventure if something doesn’t go wrong … Whenever you get some downs you know some ups and waiting around the corner,” he said.

Buc-ee’s pet policy reads, “The Health Code prohibits live animals, including dogs, where food could potentially be contaminated. There are exceptions, however, for service animals and animals that work with police officers. For people with disabilities, specially trained service animals play an absolutely vital role. They make it possible for those with disabilities to work, travel, stay safe, and, in some cases, stay alive.”

The video garnered hundreds of thousands of views, highlighting Wood’s popular “SeDUCKtive” YouTube channel featuring outings with his service duck.

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