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ABC’s Hostin: Trump Selling Bibles Is ‘Blasphemous’

via ABC
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The hosts of ABC’s “The View” criticized former President Donald Trump for selling branded bibles, calling it pandering and blasphemous.

Noting it was Holy Week, Sunny Hostin said selling bibles is “blasphemous.”

Sara Haines said it was pandering like Trump’s past attempts to court Black and Hispanic voters with branded sneakers and tweets about eating tacos.

“It’s pandering. It comes on the heels on him deciding that he could get the Black vote by producing golden sneakers, or do you remember the unforgettable tweet about the taco bowls where it was happy Cinco de Mayo. The best are made in Trump Tower grill. I love Hispanics. So, there’s that,” Haines said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who is Christian, said charging $60 per bible when persecuted Christians in places like China risk their lives for a single page shows Trump is just “using it to profit.”

“He’s selling these for $60, and I’m a Christian, and as soon as I heard that price tag, I think of the persecuted Christians around the world who risk their lives to have one page of the Bible to read scripture in places like China, Saudi Arabia, Syria where you can’t practice your faith openly and he’s using it to profit off of. That tells you all you need to know about the man,” Griffin said.

“You know, it’s Holy Week and so I cannot say what I would like to say,” Hostin said.

“It’s blasphemous.”

Whoopi Goldberg agreed it crossed lines that weren’t worth addressing further.

“It’s so many things that it’s not even worth it anymore,” Goldberg said.

The hosts condemned Trump for exploiting religion to make money, rather than sincerely spreading scripture.

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