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13 Activists Arrested Outside Supreme Court Ahead of Abortion Pill Hearing

via ABC
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Thirteen abortion rights protesters were arrested outside the Supreme Court ahead of oral arguments in a case that could impact regulations for the abortion pill mifepristone.

The protesters, affiliated with groups like the Center for Popular Democracy and Women’s March, blocked walkways outside the Court in protest.

The activists were “illegally blocking the roads and then a walkway,” a U.S. Capitol Police spokesperson stated.

“They refused, so our officers arrested them,” the spokesperson said.

Among those arrested was Rachel O’Leary Carmona of Women’s March, who said the action was meant to resist any potential stripping of abortion rights.

The high court case involves a challenge by medical groups to FDA actions relaxing restrictions on mifepristone, including allowing prescriptions by telemedicine and longer gestational limits.

“This morning, we put our bodies on the line to shine a light on how this totally illegitimate court case could strip millions of women of their rights to make decisions about what is best for their bodies and their families – and we were arrested,” Carmona said.

“The reality is that this case is personal, and we took it as such. We could not just stand by while our rights to bodily autonomy are potentially revoked by radical politicians and a Supreme Court captured by their agenda,” she said. “We will continue to resist and work to enshrine bodily freedoms, no matter the consequences. There is too much at stake for women not to.”

It comes after the court overturned Roe v. Wade, returning abortion policy to states.

Mifepristone works by blocking progesterone to induce miscarriage, and medication abortions now account for 63% of US abortions according to a recent report, though underground networks are not included in data.

The case could impact how mifepristone is regulated going forward.

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