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Michael Cohen: ‘Donald Trump Is Lying When His Lips Are Moving’

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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, commented on MSNBC that Trump lies whenever his lips are moving.

When asked about Trump saying he wouldn’t need to borrow foreign money but would be allowed to, Cohen said Trump knows he’s likely to reach out to foreign entities for money so he’s putting that idea out there in advance.

Cohen noted that Trump doesn’t say things haphazardly and there’s always a reason for his “insanity.”

Cohen added that Trump couldn’t get money domestically so he’d take money from anyone without having to use his own funds.

Cohen predicted Trump would wait until the last day to post cash or a bond for his campaign and it wouldn’t be known where the bond was secured from.

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki asked, “I was interested in what your thought was on what he said about taking foreign money. He said i think you would be allowed to but I don’t need to borrow money. What do you make of that response, what does it mean to you?”

Cohen said, “Yeah, you know Donald Trump is lying when his lips are moving. He knows that he’s probably reaching out to foreign entities or foreign individuals, and so, he wants to just make sure that he’s, you know, putting this out there, in advance of him actually doing it, because that’s what he intends to do. He doesn’t say things you know, just haphazardly. There’s always a reason behind his insanity, and this is just another one of them.”

He added, “He couldn’t get it domestically, and so he would rather try and reach out to anyone that will give him the money, as long as he doesn’t have to post his own money. I mean, that’s just who he is. and my prediction, he will wait until the absolute last day, day 10, before he posts cash, which it will be or a bond, and we won’t know where the bond was secured from.”

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