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Eric Holder Admits Media Will Help Boost Biden’s Poll Numbers

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Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder expressed confidence that President Biden’s poll numbers will improve with support from the mainstream media, despite trailing Trump in swing states.

Holder dismissed concerns over Biden’s declining popularity among certain voter demographics, attributing it to comparing different points in time.

“The fact that the Democrats by every poll I read, I would just say, losing their base. I mean, if you look at non-white working class voters, there has been a 61-point shift. That’s an incredible amount from 2012. That’s in 12 years. Obama in 2012, when you were the Attorney General, I think won it by 67 points, that demographic. Biden won it by 48,” Maher said.

He suggested that as the media highlights the choice between Biden and Trump, focusing on accomplishments over age and cognitive concerns, Biden’s numbers will rise.

“Well, I think first off, you’re measuring March against November. We’re looking at what where people are right now. I think you’ll probably see a movement with regard to working-class people of all races towards Biden by the time you get to November,” Holder said.

Obama was “an extremely and unbelievably popular African American running for the first time,” he said.

“I mean, the deal is there’s work to be done. But I’m actually optimistic that if we stay committed, focused, and as the media turns its attention to making this a binary choice between a person who’s got some age and cognitive issues… that would be Trump,” Holder said. “Against somebody who has actually accomplished a-lot.”

Holder also mentioned potential electoral impacts of legal cases against Trump.

“Well the notion that you could have a trial, defend it, be convicted, somehow win the election, be sworn in as president or whenever it happens; that seems inconsistent with our notion of fairness, of the rule of law,” Holder said. “At that point, I would hope that an impeachment proceeding might be considered – not only considered, brought, and ultimately he would be removed from office.”

“Ya know I’m not a political pundit, but I think at some point, you certainly won’t get beyond, ya know, the Trump cult base; but for people who are on the fringes of that, on the outside of that, are likely to be negatively impacted by all of these cases brought against the former president,” he added. “And I think that will have some electoral effect.”

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