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Trump Could Get $3.5B Windfall after Shareholders Approve Truth Social Merger

via FOX
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The establishment media has repeatedly predicted the failure of Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform and its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a SPAC.

Publications including CNN, New York Magazine, Slate, the Guardian, Daily Beast, Gizmodo, Time Magazine and Politico ran headlines over the past two years questioning whether Truth Social would survive, the deal would go through, and suggesting Trump was reconsidering involvement.

“‘Substantial doubt’ Trump’s Truth Social will survive, accountants warn,” a CNN headline read.

“Trump’s Truth Social Is an Unmitigated Failure,” New York Magazine wrote.

“Truth Social’s Harsh Truth,” a Slate magazine headline read. “Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative is flailing. If it tanks, where will he post?” a sub headline read.

“Trump’s Truth Social platform faces uncertain future as key test looms,” a Guardian headline read.

However, on Friday the merger was approved, unlocking billions for Trump and investors and proving wrong the many predictions of doom.

While some recent coverage notes the windfalls, it stands in contrast to consistent past framing of the venture as troubled or failing.

“Trump Media’s Blockbuster SPAC Deal Set to Enrich Allies and Foes,” a Bloomberg headline read.

“Trump is Closer Than Ever to a Giant Truth Social Payday,” a New York Magazine headline read.

“Wall Street debut of Trump’s Truth Social network could net him stock worth billions on paper,” an Associated Press headline read.

The approval marks another example of the establishment media getting a big story wrong regarding Trump.

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