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Hypocrisy: Poll Shows Most Democrats Won’t Certify 2024 Election if Trump Wins

via Fox News
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Poll Shows Most Democrats Won’t Certify 2024 Election Result if Trump Wins.

Rasmussen Reports

via GBNews

A recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that a majority of Democrats would support efforts to block former President Donald Trump from entering the White House by refusing to certify the election results if he were to win the 2024 presidential election. The Rasmussen Reports survey indicated that 57% of Democrats would back the refusal to certify the election results if Trump were to emerge as the victor in the 2024 presidential election.

Exposes hypocrisy

via Fox News

Critics say this exposes the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party, which claims former President Donald Trump and Republicans pose a “threat to democracy.” By openly stating their intentions of refusing to certify a Trump victory in 2024, it suggests Democrats do not truly support democracy.

Election outcome

via Fox News

The survey sheds light on the potential for a Democratic-led refusal to certify the election outcome, reflecting a level of political division and polarization that may have significant implications for the upcoming election and its aftermath.

Excluding Trump

via Fox News

The poll revealed that 52% of Democrats rejected the recent Supreme Court decision to block states from excluding Trump from primary and caucus ballots if local officials believed he supported the January 6 Capitol riot.

Block Trump’s return

via Fox News

The survey also highlighted the irony of Democrats potentially resorting to tactics that some Republican lawmakers had planned to use during the certification vote of President Joe Biden. Despite the potential irony, a majority of Democratic voters now support the idea of blocking Trump’s possible return to the White House through the refusal to certify the election results.

Heightened tensions

via Fox News

The survey’s findings underscore the deep political divisions and heightened tensions surrounding the potential outcome of the 2024 election.

Trump victory

via Fox News

The readiness of a significant portion of Democratic voters to consider refusing to certify the election results in the event of a Trump victory reflects the polarization and contentious nature of American politics.

2024 election

via Fox News

Moreover, the survey suggests that the 2024 election is already divisive, with Democrats indicating a preparedness to take radical measures to block Trump from assuming office if he were to win. This sentiment reflects the intensity of political emotions and the potential for significant post-election disputes and challenges.

Race continues

via Fox News

As the 2024 presidential race continues, the survey results point to a charged electoral landscape, with potential implications for the post-election period. The readiness of a majority of Democrats to entertain the idea of refusing to certify the election results in the event of a Trump victory raises the specter of heightened political conflict and legal challenges, adding complexity to an already contentious electoral environment.

Potential disputes

via Fox News

The survey findings also signal the possibility of a protracted and fiercely contested aftermath to the 2024 election, with potential disputes over certification and the legitimacy of the election outcome.

Democratic voters

via Fox News

The recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports provides insight into the prevailing sentiments among Democratic voters regarding the potential refusal to certify the election results if former President Donald Trump were to win the 2024 presidential election.

Political divisions

via Fox News

The survey underscores the deep political divisions, polarization, and heightened tensions that may shape the electoral landscape and post-election scenarios in the United States.

Post-election period

via Fox News

The survey’s findings highlight the potential for a contentious and tumultuous post-election period, reflecting the intense emotions and political dynamics at play as the 2024 election unfolds.



  1. Roger Daugherty

    March 22, 2024 at 10:26 pm

    It is obvious that the relationship between the Republicans and Democrats is factious. The Democrats are united, but the Republicans are factious among themselves. Some Republicans seem to gravitate to the Democrats, rather than together. Yes, there are Republicans In Name Only, but I prefer to call them Democrats In Practice, or DIPs.
    I keep getting Republican surveys asking my opinion about what ought to be done. I am thinking that if they cannot figure it out themselves, they need to find another job.


    March 23, 2024 at 2:11 am

    Democrats refusing to Certify Election Results if Trump Wins
    going AFTER Trump all these years.
    What Hypocrisy !!!!

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