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Sheriff Issues Chilling Warning Over Biden’s Open Border

via NBC
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Three illegal aliens from Guatemala were charged with abducting and sexually assaulting a woman in Palm Beach County.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw criticized the federal government for failing to secure the border, emphasizing the dangers posed by illegal entries, including the infiltration of dangerous gangs.

Ramirez, Jimenez and Morales were “apprehended for a series of heinous charges including sexual battery, false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit sexual battery, and conspiracy to commit false imprisonment,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office wrote on X. “The incident took place in Lake Worth, on March 11th. Thankfully, the brave victim escaped and got help, leading to their capture. Anyone with information, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.”

“Don’t think for a minute that what happens at the Mexican border doesn’t affect us here. This is the same thing that we saw where the student was killed by the person that was here illegally. That’s why we pay so much attention,” Bradshaw said.

“Folks, our border is the ocean. There’s no fence there. We are the fence. That’s why we spend as much time as we do and dedicate resources to stopping people before they get here. In all likelihood, these three people came through Mexico. They didn’t come through here. I can tell you that for sure. We would have checked in our database,” he added.

“The federal government has put the American people in jeopardy,” Bradshaw said.

“They make MS-13 look like school kids. They’re not going to stay just in Miami. They’re going to go where they need to go to do what they’re going to do. And we’re going to have to deal with them,” he said.

He highlighted the issue of “gotaways” and the lack of control over who enters the country.

“Those are the people that don’t want to go to get caught by border patrol because they’re cartels, they’re gang members, they’re wanted, they’re packing fentanyl,” the sheriff said. “I watched a surveillance video that was taken down in Texas of ten guys, military age, dressed in camouflage, backpacks, they had carpet on their shoes so they didn’t leave footprints in a military formation coming into the country. What do you think they’re here for? They’re not here to play the lotto. They’re going to do bad things.”

Approximately eight million illegal aliens have entered the US since Biden’s presidency began in 2021.

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