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MGM Grand Denies Reports of Bruno Mars Racking Up $50 Million in Gambling Debt

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Singer Bruno Mars was reported to owe $50 million in gambling-related debt to the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, despite making $90 million annually from a deal with the casino.

The MGM Grand, however, has denied such reports.

With an estimated net worth of $175 million, Mars has been living in Las Vegas under a long-term contract since 2016, receiving free room and board but not taking home any money.

The sensational reports suggesting that Bruno Mars owes a substantial gambling debt to the MGM Grand have been met with a swift and unequivocal response from MGM Resorts International. The hospitality company has categorically refuted these claims, emphasizing that Mars has no such debt with the organization, and has expressed pride in their longstanding partnership with the acclaimed performer.

“He owes millions to the MGM [from gambling],” a source claimed. “His debts have gotten as high as $50 million. [The MGM] basically own him.”

“He makes $90 million a year off of the deal he did with the casino, but then he has to pay back his debt,” they added. “After taxes [Mars makes $1.5 million per night].”

In a statement to various publications, MGM Resorts International affirmed their appreciation for Bruno Mars as a “thrilling and dynamic performer” and emphasized the enduring and mutually respectful nature of their partnership. The company unequivocally dismissed the speculation about Mars’ alleged gambling debt as “completely false,” reiterating their shared enthusiasm for creating exceptional experiences for their guests.

The allegations regarding Bruno Mars’ purported gambling debt emerged following a report by NewsNation, which suggested that the singer had accrued significant financial liabilities since entering into a long-term residency contract with MGM in 2016. The report further implied that Mars was effectively “owned” by MGM due to his financial obligations.

The narrative put forth by NewsNation, which claimed that Mars was making $90 million annually from his MGM residencies but was using a substantial portion to address his alleged debt, has drawn scrutiny and skepticism in light of MGM’s resounding denial. The conflicting accounts have underscored the complexities of reporting on high-profile figures and the potential ramifications of sensationalized claims.

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