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Elon Musk Confronts Joe Scarborough With Blunt Fact-Check

via CNN
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Elon Musk defended Donald Trump against claims of inciting violence, clarifying that Trump’s “bloodbath” comment referred to job losses, not a violent event.

Musk criticized MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for misrepresenting the statement, leading to the post’s deletion.

“Jan 6 was not a ‘bloodbath’ by any definition and Trump was referring to job losses in the auto industry when he used that word. Your post is extremely misleading,” Musk wrote.

Scarborough continued to express concerns about Trump instigating violence if he loses to Biden, amid progressive panic over Trump’s lead in polls and Democratic fear-mongering.

“These idiots on Twitter, these idiots on cable news, these idiots on Sunday shows [babbles incoherently] ‘He was talking about the auto industry’… just [expletive]. Let me say that at 6:15 a.m., just [expletive],” Scarborough said.

“These people may be stupid, we’re not,” Scarborough added.

Democrats are focusing on the potential for violence if Trump returns to office, while legal proceedings against Trump face delays.

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