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Pelosi praises Schumer’s speech on Israel, says ‘Israel’s reputation is at risk’

via CNN
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Top Democrats criticized Israel’s humanitarian situation in Gaza and called for new elections in Israel.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s remarks calling for new elections, saying the situation risks Israel’s reputation.

Pelosi and Schumer were critical of Prime Minister Netanyahu claiming he was unaware of Gaza’s dire humanitarian crisis where aid agencies warn of a looming famine.

Both Pelosi and former President Trump weighed in on Schumer’s comments, with Pelosi defending him and Trump attacking him.

Schumer is “concerned about the weakness of the Palestinian Authority and the very, very dangerous attitude of the right-wing Israeli government,” Pelosi said.

“The prime minister’s presentation proved the necessity of Chuck Schumer’s speech. Chuck Schumer’s speech was an act of courage, an act of love for Israel,” Pelosi said.

“When we give assistance to a country, we insist they do not interfere with our giving humanitarian aid,” Pelosi said.

“It’s curious to me to see Netanyahu talk the way he does when he tried to interfere in American elections,” she said.

“The Democrats are very bad for Israel. Israel sticks with them. I guess Israel’s loyal maybe to a fault because they stick with these guys,” Trump said.

“He doesn’t forget it. He looks at, ‘Where do I get more votes?’ And I guess he’s seeing, you know, the Palestinians and he’s seeing the marches, and they are big. And he says, ‘I want to go that way instead of Israel,’” Trump said.

“You have to finish it up and do it quickly and get back to the world of peace,” Trump encouraged Netanyahu.

Democrats expressed concern over the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza as Palestinians face increasing violence in their search for aid, while Republicans defended Israel in the ongoing conflict.

“I agree with Leader Schumer’s comments regarding the necessity of reducing civilian casualties in Gaza,” Rep. Adam Schiff said. “I wouldn’t go as far as the leader in setting out the timing of elections.”

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