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Donald Trump Advises Biden to ‘Use My Policies’ to ‘Close the Borders’

via Fox News
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Former President Trump called on President Biden to secure the southern border by reinstating Trump-era policies, noting Biden has the executive authority to do so without Congress.

Trump emphasized he built hundreds of miles of border wall and had the safest border through actions like diverting military funds, criticizing Biden for the current crisis.

Trump said, “Close the borders.”

“You can do it right now; you have everything. Use my policies. My policies were great; everybody said it. Use my policies,” he continued.

He said ,“You have the authorization right now – I did it. I didn’t go to Congress and say, ‘Do I have the right to close?’ I fought Congress on it.”

DHS data shows over 7.2 million illegal crossings since Biden took office, but Trump believes the real number is closer to 15 million, warning it could reach 20 million by the end of Biden’s term.

Trump charged many migrants are criminals and are causing harm through “migrant crime,” declaring the situation is not sustainable for America’s security.

Trump said, “And by the time… the president’s term ends, I believe… you’ll be at close to 20 million people.”

“This is a violent thing that you’ve done, and many people are dying,” said Trump.

He said, “They die on the trip up, they die going through the border, and they die in our country.”

Trump added, “Many of the people are criminals, and they’re doing tremendous harm. I call it migrant crime.”

“It’s a new category of crime. They’re hurting our country horribly,” concluded Trump.

Overall, Trump vigorously pushed for Biden to take stronger action on the border.

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