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Biden Official Confirms Plan to Raise Taxes to Address Deficit

via KGW News
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During an interview on Fox News, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defended President Biden’s efforts to reduce the deficit, while acknowledging more work remains to be done.

When the host pointed out debt has grown under Biden as it had under previous presidents, Buttigieg agreed more progress is needed.

Biden will “continue down the path of deficit reduction that he has achieved in his presidency,” Buttigieg said.

“We have more debt than we did when he assumed office. Debt has grown under this President. By the way, it’s grown under the last one, the before him, and the one before him. So, no one’s making real progress here,” Neil Cavuto said.

Buttigieg noted that Biden has proposed raising taxes, but in a way that would not impact anyone making less than $400,000, which has support from most Americans and likely most members of Congress.

Buttigieg said, “Right. Well, but again, more meaningful deficit reduction than we’ve seen in quite a while. Yeah, you’re right, more work to be done, which is why he put out — look, you’re never supposed to even use the t-word, tax, in an address. But he pointed out a way to do it that would not touch anybody making less than $400,000 a year, which is something that most Americans, if not most members of Congress, support.”

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