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Bernie Sanders Unloads On Reporter: ‘I Can Yell Louder Than You’

via Bernie Sanders
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Senator Bernie Sanders engaged in a heated discussion with a Fox Business correspondent over his proposal for a 32-hour workweek, emphasizing the need for a better work-life balance and fair wages.

Sanders argued that increased worker productivity has not translated into improved conditions for workers, calling for billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes.

“Can I talk to you about the 32-hour work week? It seems like… Democrats want businesses to be taxed more, pay their workers,” the reporter began.

“Really? Is that what you think?” Sanders interrupted.

He introduced the Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act to reduce the standard workweek without cutting pay, highlighting the importance of sharing the benefits of technological advancements with the working class.

“We held a hearing on a 32-hour work week because what we have seen is that over the last fifty years despite a huge increase in worker productivity almost all of the wealth has gone to the top one percent while sixty percent of the people living paycheck to paycheck many of our people are exhausted we work the longest hours of any people in the industrialized world,” Sanders said.

“When Mr. Bezos pays an effective tax rate lower than the average worker, I think we have a real problem in our tax system… I think that billionaires have got to start paying their fair share of taxes,” Sanders argued.

“Moving to a 32-hour workweek with no loss of pay is not a radical idea,” Sanders said. “Today, American workers are over 400 percent more productive than they were in the 1940s. And yet, millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages than they were decades ago. That has got to change.”

“The financial gains from the major advancements in artificial intelligence, automation, and new technology must benefit the working class, not just corporate CEOs and wealthy stockholders on Wall Street. It is time to reduce the stress level in our country and allow Americans to enjoy a better quality of life. It is time for a 32-hour workweek with no loss in pay.”

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