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Don Lemon: Elon Musk ‘Seemed Really Averse to Facts’

via Inside Edition
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Don Lemon discussed his interview with Elon Musk, noting Musk seemed averse to facts and unwilling to acknowledge responsibility for hate speech on Twitter.

In a clip, Lemon asked Musk about moderating hate speech like the “Great Replacement Theory” relating to Jewish people, but Musk refused to answer, saying he didn’t have to answer reporters’ questions.

“Hate speech on the platform is up. Do you believe that X and you have some responsibility to moderate hate speech on the platform, that you wouldn’t have to answer these questions from reporters about the Great Replacement Theory as it relates to–” Lemon said.

Musk interrupted, “I don’t have to answer these questions.”

Lemon said, “Great replacement theory as it relates to Jewish people. Do you think that–”

Musk cut in, “I don’t have to answer questions from reporters. Don, the only reason I’m doing this interview is because you’re on the X platform and you asked for it. Otherwise, there would not do– I would not do this interview.”

When Lemon pressed on criticism, Musk said he could care less.

Lemon said, “So you don’t think– do you think that you wouldn’t get in trouble or you wouldn’t be criticized for these things?”

Musk said, “I’m criticized constantly. I could care less.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett said, “Illuminating in so many ways.”

Lemon said the shooters in recent mass attacks used the same rhetoric as what spreads on social media.

He tried to get Musk to acknowledge responsibility as the owner of one of the largest platforms, but felt Musk was unreceptive to facts and it didn’t matter what offensive things he retweeted, showing no willingness to address hate speech issues.

Lemon said, “The people who go and shoot up people, whether they be Latino people who live in Texas, or black people who are in a supermarket in Buffalo, or Jewish people who are, who are worshiping those people use the same rhetoric that they are tropes, that they’re either racist for Latinos or black people, or for Jewish people. And I wanted to know if he, if he felt any responsibility as someone who has the one of the largest social media information platforms in the world quarter billion people a quarter billion people. I think it’s 455 or 500 million we can users a week.”

He added, “It doesn’t seem that he feels he has any responsibility with that because he seemed really averse to facts. That facts did not matter to him. It didn’t matter that he retweeted things that were offensive to people.”

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