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Trump Makes Direct Appeal to Biden: Stop Weaponization of the Law And Close Border

via LiveNOW from FOX
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Former President Trump urged President Biden to stop pursuing legal action against opponents and instead focus on policy issues.

He also pushed Biden to close the US southern border, calling the situation unsustainable and dangerous.

“I will say that President Biden, number one, stop weaponization. Fight your fight yourself. Don’t use prosecutors and judges to go after your opponent to try to damage your opponent so you can win an election. Our country is much bigger than that,” Trump said.

Trump claimed large numbers of migrants entering included criminals, prisoners, and terrorists from around the world.

“The other thing I say to President Biden, close the borders now! This is not sustainable for our country. It is not sustainable for our cities. Our country is under siege. This is a violent thing that you have done. And many people are dying. Many, many people are dying pure they die on the trip up and they die going through the border, and they die and our country. But many of the people coming up are from prisons and jails, from mental institutions and insane asylums, many terrorists, many, many are terrorists,” he said.

“I believe the real number that we have right now is closer to 15 million people. By the time, I believe the president’s term and I believe it will be close to 20 million people. That is almost larger than any state in the union. Our country, it is not sustainable. Many of these people are tough. Many of these people are bad. They come from some of the roughest countries in the world and some of the roughest prisons. We have prisons in the Congo, in Africa coming. We have people coming from all parts of the Middle East. They are coming from Yemen and yet we are bombing Yemen,” he said.

He asserted the border had never been less safe and migrants were dying in large numbers making the journey.

Trump contrasted this to his own border policies, claiming he built hundreds of miles of wall and had the safest border in history through diverting military funds without Congressional approval.

“You have to stop and close the border. You have absolute authorization. You don’t need Congress. I have the safest border in the history of the country. I didn’t use Congress going forward. I built hundreds of millions of wall, and the reason I built it my considered it an invasion of our country and took the money from the military and te Army Corps of Engineers did it with me. We did a great job,” he said. “We have the safest border we have ever had and now we have the most unsafe border, anywhere at any time, there’s never been a border like this in any country anywhere in the world. They would have fought with sticks and stones to stop the horrible situation that is occurring.

“Our people can’t stand it, and the people coming in really can’t stand it because they are dying. Many are dying on the trip up. They are dying in the country, and also many of the people are criminals and they are doing tremendous harm. I call that migrant crime, migrant crime, a new category of crime. They are hurting our country horribly.”

“We have become a laughing stock all over the world,” he added.

He urged Biden to take similar unilateral action, saying he had the authorization to close the border as Trump had done.

In conclusion, Trump praised the Supreme Court’s quick decision allowing him to remain on ballots.

“I say respectfully to President Biden, you have the authorization right now — I did it. I didn’t go to Congress and say, “Do I have the right to close?” But close the borders. You have everything may use my policies, and my policies are great. Everybody said it, use my policies,” Trump said.

“So just to finish, I have great respect for the Supreme Court, and I want to thank them for working so quickly and so diligently and so brilliantly.”

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