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Kristi Noem Slammed for ‘Bizarre’ 5-Minute Infomercial for Dentist in Texas

via FOX
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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem posted a nearly five-minute video praising the Texas-based dental practice Smile Texas for fixing her smile, generating significant backlash.

In the video, Noem detailed getting veneers to address teeth issues from a biking accident.

“I love my new family at Smile Texas! The video says it all, and I am so grateful for their help fixing my smile for me,” Noem said.

She profusely thanked Smile Texas for giving her confidence in her new teeth.

“I think that I chose the team here at Smile Texas because they’re the best. First of all, I’d studied a lot of the work that they had done and talk to a lot of people that had been here but also because they were so kind. They wanted to make sure that I was happy with my smile — not only that the bite was correct and that I liked to the shape the color, but that it was going to work for me for the rest of my life and that it was something that I could be proud of,” she said.

“I want when people look at me to hear the words that I say and not be distracted by something that I’m wearing or how I look or even my appearance. I want them to focus on my thoughts and ideas and what we can do to really make this country better. So for me being able to have a confident smile and have my teeth be something that’s not a distraction, but actually is appealing to people will be helpful because I think that it’ll make sure that we’re focused on really the right points that I want to make and make sure that that confidence shines through,” Noem said.

“I came back just seven days later and had the final install done and the work completed,” she said.

“I knew that my teeth weren’t perfect that they were ok, but they weren’t bad enough to fix. It’s just been something that I’ve always thought and hoped that someday, I could address it,” she said.

While Noem said she wants to focus on her message, not appearance, critics argued the video inappropriately promoted a private business.

They questioned the ethics of a sitting governor advertising for a company.

Noem has been floated as a potential 2024 presidential candidate, further drawing scrutiny over promoting a Texas business as South Dakota’s governor.

The unusual video drew widespread ridicule on social media as people wondered if it was a hack or illegal for Noem to use her public platform that way.

“Are you even allowed to do this type of stuff while holding public office?” one X user asked.

“Wait I’m confused did the Governor of South Dakota just film an infomercial for the dentist that did her veneers?” another said.

“Hang on, I was under the impression this type of stuff was why some people couldn’t get into politics,” another wrote. “The only time this seems appropriate is after you leave office.”

“’Final install’ sounds like you purchased a new water heater,” one user quipped.

“Why on earth is the governor of South Dakota advertising for the company that put in her veneers and is based in Texas?!” another wrote.

“WTF is going on here?? This is so cringe, creepy, and quite possibly illegal,” one user wrote.

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