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House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Ban TikTok in U.S.

via CBS
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The House passed a bill to ban TikTok if it did not sell its U.S. operations due to national security concerns, citing a Chinese military journal describing it as a psychological warfare tool.

The vote was largely bipartisan but split Republicans between those worried about data/privacy and empowering big tech.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer said, “TikTok is a CCP spy app. Plain and simple. House Republicans just passed a nonpartisan bill protecting Americans’ data by sending a clear message: TikTok must sever ties with the CCP or lose its access to American users.”

The Senate is unlikely to pass the bill as is due to its 60-vote threshold requiring consensus.

While some like Trump allies have become more open to TikTok, Trump opposed banning it, arguing it would benefit Facebook.

Rep. Warren Davidson said, “Solve the correct problem. Privacy. Surveillance. Content moderation. Who owns #TikTok? 60% investors – including Americans 20% +7,000 employees – including Americans 20% founders CEO & HQ Singapore Data in Texas held by Oracle What changes with ownership? I’ll be voting NO.”

“If you get rid of TikTok, Facebook and Zuckerschmuck will double their business,” Trump said.

“I don’t want Facebook, who cheated in the last Election, doing better. They are a true Enemy of the People!” Trump said.

Sen. Cornyn said the Senate might amend rather than name TikTok specifically to avoid whack-a-mole issues.

Sen. John Cornyn said, “I think it’s more than likely that we will take up their bill and amend it and say we’ve come up with some areas where we think it needs improvement. My concern is that if you try to deal with this by name, you’re playing a game of Whack a Mole, because what’s TikTok today, next week it’s TokTik or TicTak or whatever.”

“We do things slowly over here, and this takes time,” he added.

The Senate majority leader did not say if or when they would vote on the bill.

“I’ll have to consult, and intend to consult, with my relevant committee chairmen to see what their views would be,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

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