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Eric Swalwell Tries To Slam Trump At Hur Hearing, Gets Frustrated When Hur Won’t Help

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Rep. Eric Swalwell used his time at a hearing on Biden’s classified documents to attack Donald Trump instead of questioning the witness, Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Swalwell praised Hur’s immigrant background then pivoted to claiming Trump would end all immigration.

“It’s the story of America. It’s a story that the guy who appointed you would end if he was put in charge again,” Swalwell said.

He implied Hur’s report on Biden wouldn’t be credible without disavowing Trump, whom he proceeded to list various accusations against.

Swalwell then directly asked Hur to pledge not to accept a Trump appointment if he ran again.

“Since you were appointed, he was impeached for leveraging 350 U.S. — $350 million U.S. taxpayer dollars over Ukraine to get dirt on President Biden,” Swalwell said.

“He was then impeached a second time for inciting an insurrection. He was charged for possessing classified documents and obstructing justice. He was charged for paying for the silence of a porn star. He was charged in Georgia for his role in January 6th. He was charged in the District of Columbia for his role in January 6th. He owes $400 million to the state of New York for defrauding the state through his taxes. And he has been judged a rapist.”

“You want to be perceived as credible, so I want to first see if you will pledge to not accept an appointment from Trump if he is elected again as president,” Swalwell told Hur.

“Congressman, I am not here to testify about what will happen —” Hur said.

“Seems like an easy answer,” Swalwell cut in. “Considering I just laid out —”

“I’m here to talk about this report and the work that went into it,” Hur said.

Hur repeatedly refused to discuss Trump and insisted he was there to talk about the Biden report, not make claims about a potential future Trump administration.

Swalwell tried unsuccessfully to get Hur to condemn Trump rather than answer questions about the scope of his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified materials.

“You don’t want to be associated with that guy again, do you?” Swalwell said.

“I’m not here to talk about Trump; I’m here to talk about this report, which investigated Biden,” Hur said.

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