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Drillers Make Unexpected Discovery with Potential to Transform the US

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Groundbreaking Helium Reservoir Discovered in Minnesota by Pulsar Helium Inc.

Helium reservoir

via WCCO – CBS Minnesota

A significant helium reservoir was discovered in Minnesota by Pulsar Helium Inc. with concentrations of up to 12.4%. Helium is crucial for various applications such as MRI machines and semiconductor manufacturing.

It is a big day

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“It is a big day for helium exploration, confirming the original discovery in the new jurisdiction of Minnesota. I look forward to keeping the market updated with further results as they are received,” Pulsar’s president and CEO Thomas Abraham-James said.

Pulsar Helium Inc

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Pulsar Helium Inc. is a Canadian resource exploration company which unearthed the significant helium reservoir in Minnesota’s renowned Iron Range. The discovery, which holds the potential to become the largest natural source of helium in North America, represents a pivotal breakthrough amid a global supply shortage of this vital gas.

Potential disruptions

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The U.S. helium supply chain faces potential disruptions due to the government’s sale of the Federal Helium Reserve system. The accidental discovery has highlighted the importance of helium exploration and production.

Samples of the gas

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Samples of the gas will be delivered to a “specialist gas laboratory for full molecular composition, removal of atmospheric (air) contamination, and isotopic characterization,” the company stated.

2,200 feet below the surface

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Pulsar Helium’s drilling operations in Minnesota’s Iron Range led to the revelation of a substantial concentration of helium at a depth of 2,200 feet below the surface.

A milestone in helium exploration

via CBS

The recorded helium concentration of 12.4% far exceeds the industry standard for commercial viability, marking a milestone in helium exploration.

Thomas Abraham-James

via CBS

Thomas Abraham-James, the CEO of Pulsar Helium, expressed his excitement, describing the find as “perfect” and exceeding expectations.

Economically viable helium concentrations

via CBS

Economically viable helium concentrations, typically exceeding 0.3%, are crucial for commercial extraction. The discovery in Minnesota holds exceptional promise, with the extracted gas set to undergo comprehensive molecular composition analysis and isotopic characterization.

Beyond conventional uses

via CBS

Notably, the significance of this discovery extends beyond conventional uses, especially in the field of medical imaging.

Helium plays a crucial role

via CBS

Helium plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of MRI scanners. The discovery of a substantial helium reservoir is particularly significant for the medical imaging industry, as the availability of this gas is integral to the proper operation of MRI equipment.

Reliable source of helium

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The potential for a new, reliable source of helium in North America holds the promise of addressing concerns related to the global helium shortage that has impacted various industries, including medical imaging.

The global helium supply

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The global helium supply has been under strain, with concerns arising from depleted reserves and the sale of the Federal Helium Reserve by the U.S. government.

This latest discovery

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This latest discovery by Pulsar Helium Inc. presents an opportunity to mitigate the challenges posed by the dwindling global helium supply, potentially offering a new and substantial source of this valuable gas.

Unparalleled helium concentrations

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The unparalleled helium concentrations found in Minnesota have positioned Pulsar Helium Inc. at the forefront of helium exploration, with further research and analysis expected to determine the full extent and potential of this discovery.

The global helium shortage

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The implications for various industries, particularly in the context of medical imaging and scientific research, underscore the significance of this breakthrough in addressing the global helium shortage.

The groundbreaking discovery

via pixabay

The groundbreaking discovery of a substantial helium reservoir by Pulsar Helium Inc. in Minnesota’s Iron Range holds tremendous promise for addressing the global helium shortage and has the potential to significantly impact various industries, particularly in the realm of medical imaging.

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