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Decoding Putin’s Surprising Preference for Biden Over Trump

via Associated Press
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President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have differing strategic approaches that have drastically impacted their relationship.

Putin prefers Biden over Trump because he sees Biden as naïve, easily manipulated, and lacking strategic thinking due to cognitive decline.

“Judging by what he has just said,” Putin said, “I was absolutely right because it’s an adequate reaction to my remark.”

“I’ve said it once and can repeat: Biden,” he said.

As a judo expert, Putin looks to knock opponents off balance.

Biden’s insults reveal his helplessness, while his policies have unintentionally strengthened Russia’s economy and military.

His sanctions ultimately backfired by financing Russia’s war and causing global energy disruptions.

Meanwhile, Putin fears Trump, seeing him as unpredictable, cunning, and pursuing U.S. interests alone rather than being manipulated.

Trump took actions against Russia’s cyber, space, and military strategies through offensive cyber, Space Force, banning Kaspersky software, and airstrikes in Syria.

Putin likely understands Trump would retaliate strongly to his aggression.

Putin has strategically maneuvered to gain advantages from Biden while fearing Trump’s unpredictability and strength.

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