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CNN’s Cooper: Biden Just ‘Speaking Out Loud’ in ‘Conversational Way’ About Year Son Died

via CBS
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CNN hosts defended Biden’s memory after his classified documents investigation transcript was released, contrasting it with earlier concerns over his recall of details like his son Beau’s death year.

Cooper said Biden was “just sort of speaking out loud” about the year when questioned, “in a much more conversational way” rather than clearly stumbling.

“Look, it’s really kind of remarkable to compare it to where we were five weeks ago. That was a time when Americans were genuinely wondering, is this guy no longer able to remember the date of one of the most significant moments of his life, the death of his son? And what we see in the transcript is this essential nuance, the context for all of those interactions that really makes it much more, frankly, sort of normal and much more lucid, I think,” CNN contributor Evan Osnos said.

Cooper said, “It’s interesting on that question of the date, because, in the transcript, which wasn’t in the special counsel’s report, he remembered the day and the month. He was just sort of speaking out loud, saying what year was that? And I was — in a much more conversational way, as opposed to sort of really stumbling over what year it was.”

Biographer Evan Osnos agreed the transcript provided needed context, saying it showed Biden “essentially sort of thinking out loud” as he answered questions about his post-vice presidency document handling practices, in a way that seemed “much more normal and lucid.”

Osnos said, “Yeah. It’s a crucial distinction, it’s something that I think was not really visible at all in the special [counsel’s] report. What you see in the transcript — and your term is right, he was essentially sort of thinking out loud. He’s saying, all right, you’re asking me about my data handling practices at a certain point in the post-vice presidency. So, when did I stop being vice president? Alright, well, then, here’s how I handled documents back then, here are the people who were moving boxes for me.”

Cooper added Biden correctly remembered the day and month of Beau’s death in the transcript, which eased earlier worries about his ability to recall such a significant personal detail.

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