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Attorneys General Warn Maine Not To Pursue Child Sex Change Sanctuary Bill

via CBS
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16 Republican state attorneys general, led by Tennessee’s, sent a letter warning Maine not to pass legislation that would make it a sanctuary state for child sex change interventions.

The letter addressed Maine bill LD 227, calling it unconstitutional.

It said LD 227 seeks to impose Maine’s views on other states and contravene their citizens’ lawful policy choices by shielding medical providers assisting with sex changes from out-of-state liability lawsuits.

“While it is extremely unusual for States to interject themselves into another State’s lawmaking, LD 227’s unique constitutional transgressions merit our comment,” the letter reads. The legislation “seeks to contravene the lawful policy choices of our States’ citizens by imposing on the rest of the country Maine’s views on hotly debated issues such as gender transition surgeries for children. The law’s far-reaching provisions are unprecedented.”

The attorneys general argued this violates the federal structure that allows each state self-government responsive to its citizens.

The legislation “violates the United States Constitution and flouts the federalist structure that allows each of our States to engage in self-government responsive to the will of our citizens,” it adds.

“The federal Constitution, in short, precludes Maine’s novel effort at state-sanctioned culture war litigation tourism.”

They warned if Maine pursues the “constitutionally defective” approach, they will avail themselves of all constitutional recourses provided.

The letter aimed to condemn the bill as an overreach that infringes on other states’ rights to govern themselves.

“Maine has every right to decide what Maine’s laws are and how those laws should be enforced,” the letter reads. “But that same right applies to every State. One State cannot control another. The totalitarian impulse to stifle dissent and oppress dissenters has no place in our shared America.”

“If Maine pursues LD 227’s constitutionally defective approach, we will vigorously avail ourselves of every recourse our Constitution provides,” the attorneys general wrote.

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