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13-Year-Old Becomes First Person to Beat Tetris

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13-year-old Willis Gibson is believed to have defeated the Nintendo game Tetris.

Willis Gibson


Willis Gibson, a 13-year-old competitive Tetris player prodigy from Oklahoma, advanced so far in the original Nintendo version of the game that it froze and his score read “999999.”

My fingers


“I can’t feel my fingers,” he said afterward.

Blue Scuti

via Blue Scuti

Born January 27, 2010, Gibson is also known online as Blue Scuti. He is an American classic Tetris player from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Previously-unreached level

via Blue Scuti

Gibson “beat” the game on December 21, 2023. He triggered a “killscreen” on the previously-unreached level 157. This caused the game to crash.

Videos on YouTube


Gibson explains that he became interested in Tetris at 11 years old after he watched videos on YouTube.

Participated in tournaments

via Blue Scuti

He pursued the game competitively and participated in tournaments including the Classic Tetris World Championship in 2023.

The ‘rolling technique’


Gibson adopted the “rolling technique” to move the game pieces faster.

Third place


He finished in third place at the Classic Tetris World Championship in 2023.

The game’s killscreen


Fellow Tetris players, including Justin Yu, began to attempt to reach the game’s killscreen.

Ultimately successful

via New York Post

This sparked Gibson’s interest who followed suit. Gibson was ultimately successful.

AI and tool assistance

via Blue Scuti

The killscreen had only been reached by AI and tool assistance.

‘Dusk’ and ‘Charcoal’

via Blue Scuti

To improve, Gibson practiced playing “Dusk” and “Charcoal”, two levels considered to be the hardest in the game.

Dark and distorted

via Blue Scuti

The difficult levels includes dark and distorted hues of the blocks caused by a late-game glitch.

Playing style

via Blue Scuti

Gibson’s playing style was described as “aggressive.” He started using a hypertapping technique in 2021.

Faster Rolling

via Blue Scuti

He later discovered the faster rolling technique and changed his playing style.

Skill, aggression, and mastery

via Blue Scuti

Gibson’s success is a combination of skill, aggression, and mastery of the rolling technique.

Rolling and tapping

via Blue Scuti

Gibson often plays with the controller on his right foot balanced against his left knee. He uses his right hand to perform the rolling and tapping actions.

The friction

via Blue Scuti

He also wears a glove on his right hand to reduce the friction of the repeated actions.

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