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Trump Unleashes New Moniker for Gavin Newsom

via C-SPAN
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Former President Donald Trump introduced a new nickname for the governor of California, criticizing the leftist promises of government handouts encouraging immigration.

Trump’s visit to the border aimed to contrast his immigration policies with President Biden’s, potentially swaying some Texas Democrats to consider voting for him in the upcoming election.

“We weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything,” Trump said. “I mean, all the promises that are made, no wonder they come.”

“I mean, you look at what this governor, Newscum, from California — isn’t that his name? Newscum,” Trump said. “What he’s done to California is unbelievable.”

“If it’s Biden and Trump, that’s a little bit tough because I am a Democrat, but I don’t like what we’re living,” Democrat Asalia Casares stated.

“I don’t like what’s happening in our borders,” she added. “I would probably say Trump.”

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