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Trump Delivers Fiery Speech About Democrats and Gavin Newsom

via CBS
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Former President Donald Trump criticized California Governor Gavin Newsom’s border policies, mocking him as “Gavin ‘Newscum’.”

Trump highlighted the impact of liberal promises on immigration, emphasizing the lack of security during his tenure.

“We had the most secure border and people weren’t coming because they knew they weren’t going to get in,” Trump said.

He blamed Newsom for attracting immigrants with promises of free benefits, contrasting it with the neglect of veterans.

“And we weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything. I mean, all the promises that are made, no wonder they come,” he said.

“I mean, you look at what this Governor ‘New-scum’ from California, isn’t that his name, ‘New-scum’? What he’s done to California is unbelievable,” Trump said.

“People are pouring in, they think they’re going to get medical aid. And our soldiers, our vets aren’t being taken care of,” he said.

Trump and President Biden toured the border with conflicting views on immigration, setting the stage for the Super Tuesday primaries.

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