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Tucker Carlson Sits Down With Ex-Rival Chris Cuomo

via Tucker Carlson
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Chris Cuomo will interview his former cable news rival Tucker Carlson on his NewsNation show.

The two anchors have a contentious history, frequently criticizing each other’s commentary and behavior over the years from their perches at CNN and Fox News respectively.

“He played to division by feeding into conspiracies and false-flag operations that abused a very legitimate interest that he was right to target,” Cuomo said in 2023. “He was right to look at questioning government and those that we give power to there in their institutions and their individual capacities. Yes, yes, yes. But he didn’t do it the right way, and I am not going to celebrate him being gone just because I don’t like how he did his job.”

Carlson’s recent interview with Vladimir Putin especially drew Cuomo’s ire for seeming like attention-seeking rather than legitimate journalism.

“Tucker Carlson is getting exactly what he wants: attention,” Cuomo said. “He’s in Russia, interviewing Vladimir Putin. Now, frankly, I don’t care, his explanation of why he’s doing it—that he’s a journalist and he needs to inform people. He can call himself whatever he wants.”

However, Cuomo has expressed a desire to have conversations with controversial figures to represent a range of ideas, even if he disagrees with them.

“Conversation is a must, and it’s got to reflect the range of ideas,” Cuomo said. “I don’t have Nazis on my show because they’re a known commodity and there’s no value in that. But there’s such a range of ideas and such a desperation for change that you’ve got to entertain it, right and left.”

The Carlson sit-down will be his first TV appearance since departing Fox News.

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