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Top scientist warns AI could surpass human intelligence by 2027

via London Reel
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Mathematician and AI researcher Ben Goertzel, who coined the term “artificial general intelligence” (AGI), believes an “intelligence explosion” could result in human-level AGI within the next 3-8 years based on recent progress.

He predicted that within a few years of achieving AGI, researchers could create a “radically superhuman AGI.”

“Once you get to human-level AGI,” Goertzel said, “within a few years you could get a radically superhuman AGI.”

Goertzel cited advances in large language models, Ray Kurzweil’s predictions of AGI by 2029 based on exponential technological growth, and his own “OpenCog Hyperon” infrastructure research.

“We could get to human-level AGI within, let’s say, the next three to eight years,” he said.

“There are known unknowns and probably unknown unknowns,” Goertzel said.

“No one has created human-level artificial general intelligence [AGI] yet; nobody has a solid knowledge of when we’re going to get there.”

“My own view is once you get to human-level AGI, within a few years you could get a radically superhuman AGI,” he said.

However, Goertzel acknowledges uncertainty in predictions of advanced AI capabilities. He is known for his bold claims, including that AI could replace 80% of jobs in coming years.

He has worked on projects like the conversational robot Sophia and proposes approaches like a cryptocurrency rating agency using AI.

“I’ve done drugs with an AI, if by that we mean I have done drugs and then interacted with an AI,” he said previously.

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