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Jean-Pierre: People Will Feel Biden’s Policies, But It Takes Time

via CNBC
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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden administration policies, acknowledging the President has long argued the impacts would be felt over time as policies took effect.

When asked why that message hasn’t shifted given Biden has said it for three years, Jean-Pierre said it takes time for policies to have tangible impacts, citing examples like student loan relief, gun safety legislation, and drug pricing reforms.

She noted that Biden would highlight his achievements from the past three years in his upcoming State of the Union address.

“Every issue that the President is working on is popular, whether it’s student loans, whether it is making sure that we’re dealing with gun violence in a way that really helps to save and protect communities, save our young people’s lives, right? He was able to get a bipartisan deal on a gun prevention deal that we hadn’t seen in 30 years. That’s also important. I don’t want to forget that,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Beating Big Pharma in that Inflation Reduction Act, he was able to put forth a piece of legislation that obviously is a law now that really fights back Big Pharma and makes sure that Medicare is able to negotiate for itself. And that’s something that Americans care about. Look, we understand what Americans have gone through this past three years. It is incredibly complicated, and we get it. We get that it’s going to take a little bit of time for Americans to see what this President has done,” she said.

“Hasn’t the President been saying that for the better part of three years, that once the American people start to feel the impact of these policies, once the American people start to see these shovel-ready infrastructure projects begin, then they’ll fully understand the impact of the work that I’ve been doing? He’s been saying that for years. Why hasn’t that shifted?” journalist Geoff Bennett asked.

Jean-Pierre said, “And I understand that, but I also understand and we also understand that it takes time, right? You asked me what the President’s going to say and what he’s going to do tomorrow. He’s going to lay that out. He’s going to lay out the achievements that he’s done in the last three years.”

The press secretary did not directly address why Americans are still waiting to feel the impacts Biden promised they would see years ago.

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