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Abbott-backed challengers oust GOP incumbents in slew of Texas election victories

via ABC
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Several Texas conservatives backed by Governor Greg Abbott defeated Republican state House incumbents in their primaries, reflecting victory for Abbott’s agenda.

Border security and opposition to an “open border” were major issues for the challengers who won, including Janis Holt, Marc LaHood, and Helen Kerwin.

“It was time because of the border. The open border is one of the major issues in our district,” Holt said.

“Our district is home to one of the largest, if not the largest illegal immigrant population in the world, in the country,” she added. “And it is ground zero here and the open border is terrible here.”

They credited grassroots campaigning and a laser focus on the border, with LaHood saying voters want security, conservative leadership, and to stick to “America First” values.

“The one thing I kept hearing time and time again, they’re tired of a politician that makes a promise [and] doesn’t do it,” LaHood said.

“People want security. They want conservative principles and they want leadership. So we won decisively. Thank God,” LaHood said.

“One of the things that surprised us is that we ran against an incumbent of 10 years. We were outspent two to one and we had zero recognition going into it,” DeWayne said. “Most of the voters that I talked to just wanted someone that was authentic and sincere and wanted anyone they elected to stick to the conservative values of the America First philosophy.”

Abbott had endorsed conservative challengers seeking to oust GOP lawmakers who voted against his school voucher plan last year.

The primary wins send a message that voters want officials who support education choice and stand with constituents on key issues like the border, according to Abbott.

“Republican primary voters have once again sent an unmistakable message that parents deserve the freedom to choose the best education pathway for their child,” Abbott said.

“We will continue to help true conservative candidates on the ballot who stand with the majority of their constituents in supporting education freedom for every Texas family.”

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