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Van Jones: Biden should say ‘good grandpa’ is better than a ‘bad grandpa’

via CNN
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CNN analyst Van Jones suggested President Biden emphasize in the upcoming State of the Union address that having a “good grandpa” as president is better than a “bad grandpa,” alluding to Donald Trump.

This comes as recent polls show 73% of voters, including 56% of Democrats, believe Biden is too old for the job at age 81.

“Unfortunately he cannot get any younger, so there’s not much they can do about it. He has a chance this week though, to remind people sometimes having a good grandpa on the case is better than having a bad grandpa on the case,” Jones said. “And that’s really … he’s got to lean into it.”

As the oldest president, Biden would be 86 at the end of a second term.

While Jones said Biden needs to “own” being older, he argued Biden has done well for the country and has a track record to run on, implicitly contrasting him with the three years younger but more controversial Trump.

Jones acknowledged Biden’s age is a “real issue” despite some claiming otherwise.

“He’s got to own it. He is an older guy, but he’s an older guy who’s a good guy,” Jones said. “He’s a good man, he’s done well for the country and he’s got a track record to run on.”

“But you know, anybody who says it’s not a real issue or it’s just something that the media is making up, that’s not true,” he added.

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