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Hunter Biden Called Father From Russian Party, Asked For Help

via CBS
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Jason Galanis, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, testified to Congress that Hunter routinely involved his father Joe Biden in overseas business dealings.

Galanis said Hunter and his partner Devon Archer used Hunter’s relationship with Joe, then Vice President, as their “value add” to attract investors from China and elsewhere.

He described instances where Hunter put calls from Chinese executives on speakerphone for Joe.

“The entire value add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden,” Galanis said. “Because of this access, I agreed to contribute equity ownership to them, Hunter and Devon [Archer], for no out-of-pocket cost to them in exchange for their, quote, relationship capital.”

Galanis alleged Harvest Fund Management, a Chinese company, wanted Joe to join its board after leaving office.

He claimed prosecutors went easy on Hunter and Archer in a fraud case to protect Joe Biden.

“In 2014, I agreed with Hunter and Devon that the Burnham and Company enterprise would be significantly enhanced by forming a partnership with Harvest Fund Management, a $300 billion Chinese financial services company closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party,” Galanis said.

“The words ‘lean-in’ were used often by Devon and Hunter in our business dealings as a term for access to Vice President Biden’s political influence,” he said.

Harvest Chairman Henry Zhao “wanted continual reassurance that the father was going to be, the father, Joe Biden, was going to be involved with Harvest.”

“I recall being with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer at the Peninsula Bar in New York where Hunter took a call from his father. He told his father things were going well with Henry and Harvest and that he might need a little help getting across the finish line,” Galanis said of Zhao.

“I was present when Hunter called his father on a cell phone and put the call on speaker. Present for the call were Yelena Baturina, an investor in Rosemont projects; her husband Yuri, and the former mayor of Moscow; and Devon Archer. This call took place on May 4, 2014, during a gathering hosted by Ukrainian associate of Ms. Baturina and a business partner of ours at Romanoff, a restaurant in Brooklyn,” he said.

“We were told to go to an area of the restaurant to gather because Hunter was going to call his father. Hunter called his father, said, ‘Hello,’ and ‘Hold on, Pops,’ then put the call on speaker phone and said, ‘I’m here with our friends I told you were coming to town, and we wanted to say hello.’ The Vice President said, ‘Hello,’ and some pleasantries… Hunter responded by saying, ‘Everything is good, and we’re moving ahead.’”

Galanis added that there were “many conversations that I understood the Vice President had been expressing his willingness to join the Harvest board after his Vice Presidency.” Harvest would in turn “become an investor in Burnham. So it was to receive money. The original proposal was $18 million.”

“Ukraine, where I sit on the board of the largest independent gas producer, 9 and it sits within the VPOTUS, Biden’s, portfolio.” Galanis said, “This was a conversation about the VP’s portfolio that was had privately on a regular basis. This is just an example where that private conversation came out in the open.”

While in prison, Galanis said the DOJ opposed his early release after he agreed to testify, implying it was meant to limit his ability to implicate Hunter and Joe Biden.

“As I reviewed the facts, I realized the prosecutors in the SDNY, Southern District of New York, had gone lightly on Devon Archer and had not indicted Hunter Biden at all, despite the then available documentations that we were partners; we were involved in the decision-making that involved illegal self-dealing; and that all of us had financially benefited from these schemes,” he said. “In fact, Hunter Biden and Devon’s company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai, received $15 million of the Tribal bond fraudulent scheme to be invested in the Burnham Group.”

“I believe the SDNY’s prosecution strategy was intended to protect Hunter Biden and, ultimately, Vice President Biden,” he added.

“I understand from a former high-ranking Bureau of Prisons official that the SDNY prosecutors aggressively weighed in with the Bureau of Prisons staff to oppose my release. As a result of this DOJ intervention, I was denied home confinement,” he said.

His testimony aimed to show Hunter leveraged Joe’s political influence to further overseas business interests.

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