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Ex-NFL Running Back Blasts Florida Banning Racist DEI

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Former NFL running back Emmitt Smith strongly criticized the University of Florida’s decision to fire employees in its diversity, equity, and inclusion office in compliance with a new state law.

Smith argued the DEI department is necessary to promote diverse thinking and backgrounds at the university.

Without it, the responsibility would fall to the Provost’s office, which is already overburdened.

Smith claimed history shows those from the same background cannot make good decisions on equality and diversity.

“I’m utterly disgusted by UF’s decision and the precedent that it sets,” Emmitt said. “Without the DEI department, the job falls to the Office of the Provost, who already has their hands full, to raise money for the university and continue to advance the academic studies and athletic programs. We cannot continue to believe and trust that a team of leaders all made up of the same background will make the right decision when it comes to equality and diversity.”

“We need diverse thinking and backgrounds to enhance our University and the DEI department is necessary to accomplish those goals,” he said. “Instead of showing courage and leadership, we continue to fail based on systemic issues and with this decision, UF has conformed to the political pressures of today’s time.”

Smith then falsely stated the school was closing doors on minorities without oversight, and addressed minority athletes at the school, saying the decision was failing to show courage and conforming to politics rather than leadership.

He then accused those who say nothing of supporting systemic issues.

“And to those who think it’s not your problem and stay on the side lines and say nothing, you are complicit in supporting systemic issues,” he said.

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