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Biden Takes Aim At Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

via The Heritage Foundation
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President Biden directly criticized Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during an interview, referring to him obliquely as “the guy who likes to spend a lot of time on yachts.”

When asked about the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Biden said his goal was to pass a law codifying abortion rights and believed Democrats could do so with more congressional victories.

“A few more elections like we’ve seen taking place in the states” might do it, Biden said. “You’re seeing the country changing.”

He expressed personal disagreement with framing abortion as a matter of “my body, my choice.”

“I’ve never been supportive of, you know, ‘It’s my body, I can do what I want with it.’ But I have been supportive of the notion that this is probably the most rational allocation of responsibility that all the major religions have signed on and debated over the last thousand years,” he said.

Biden believed the Court would not overturn decisions on same-sex marriage or contraception but that a couple Justices, alluding to Thomas, would favor rolling back those precedents.

“I think that a couple on the Court would go considerably further … the guy who likes to spend a lot of time on yachts,” Biden said.

“Thomas?” the president was asked, to which he grinned.

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