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FBI Arrests Blaze Reporter Over January 6 Reporting

via Blaze TV
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The FBI arrested Steve Baker, a journalist with Blaze Media who reported on the January 6 Capitol riot, putting him in handcuffs for a “perp walk” despite him turning himself in.

Baker faces four misdemeanor charges related to his reporting at the Capitol that day.

While the FBI told Baker to arrive casually dressed, he came in a suit instead.

Baker and Blaze CEO Glenn Beck believe this is an attempt at humiliation and that the government is cracking down on independent journalists.

The charges reference videos where Baker expressed approval of the riot and said he regretted not stealing computers from Nancy Pelosi’s office.

“My attorneys have also been assured by the gov. that this will be an ‘in and out’ affair and that they have ‘no intention’ of detaining me,” Baker said. “But, rather than issuing a simple order to appear, they seem to feel the need to give me a dose of the personal humiliation treatment.”

“When the United States government can come after individuals, that’s when you know our republic is crumbling. I’ve always said that if they can go after Donald Trump, they will go after people like you and me. And now they are. But Steve Baker is not deterred, and neither are we,” Beck wrote.

However, Baker argues it’s common for press to cross police lines and dozens of other reporters were also in the Capitol that day, making this selective prosecution.

His reporting since has questioned police accounts of events on January 6.

“They got Pelosi’s office and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving [expletive],” Baker said.

“Look out your windows [expletive], look what’s coming,” the documents read.

Baker said he was “quite excited to see this going on,” adding, “Do I approve of what happened today? I approve 100%.”

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