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Christian monk says disgraced Biden prosecutor ruined his life

via Fox News
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A Christian monk, Father Brian Andrew Bushell, recounts how false charges of wire fraud and unlawful transactions by a former U.S attorney, Rachael Rollins, ruined his life and reputation, leading to his arrest.

The charges were later dropped by Rollins’ replacement due to ethical violations.

“There does not seem to be time for Christianity in President Biden’s administration,” Father Brian Andrew Bushell said.

“We allege that these two individuals engaged in brazen, criminal behavior that took advantage of our government’s efforts to rescue organizations,” Rollins said at the time of Father Andrew’s arrest. “Our government should not and will not foot the bill for fancy designer handbags and lavish lifestyles. Hard-working people deserve these funds.”

“The government respectfully submits that dismissal is in the interests of justice,” the motion stated.

“Thank God that U.S. Attorney Levy had the courage… to admit it when they were wrong,” Father Andrew said.

Father Andrew described the traumatic experience of his arrest and the psychological pressure he faced.

“There was no warning. I saw flashlights outside the chapel windows. Dogs started barking,” Father Andrew recalled.

“The entire experience is created in such a way to put outsized psychological pressure on individuals,” he added. “The entire feeling that the apparatus of government, which is supposed to protect the weak and supposed to protect those who are struggling to do good things for others was actually bearing down on me… it’s terrifying. It’s traumatic.”

“Extensive planning and preparation take place prior to the service of any federal warrant, and the personnel and tactics used are intended to ensure the safety of everyone involved,” the FBI stated.

“And this was too good for her to pass up because she was herself being investigated for ethics violations [regarding the Hatch Act]… It was just shocking to me, and she used it, obviously, for her own political gain,” Father Andrew said.

“[S]he repeatedly attempted to sabotage the campaign of a political candidate by leaking non-public [DOJ information] to the media to plant a story that he was facing a DOJ investigation. This… violation… is one of the most egregious Hatch Act violations that OSC has investigated,” the report stated.

Rollins resigned after being found guilty of violating the Hatch Act.

Father Andrew laments the lasting damage to his reputation caused by the ordeal.

“Rollins’s conduct in leaking non‐public DOJ information constitutes an extraordinary abuse of her authority and threatens to erode public confidence in the integrity of federal law enforcement actions,” Special Counsel Henry Kerner said.

“OSC has found… Rollins… committed an extraordinary abuse of her power as U.S. Attorney,” the report stated.

“There are still people who’ve made up their minds based on these lies. And it’s going to be difficult to change their mind,” Father Andrew said. “Once you’re very publicly arrested… it becomes almost insurmountable.”

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