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Ben Shapiro Slams Biden For Considering Palestinian Authority To Run Gaza

via Ben Shapiro
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Ben Shapiro criticized the Biden administration for considering letting the Palestinian Authority govern Gaza, arguing it would foster terrorist victory.

He said Americans dislike their allies losing wars and enemies like Hamas winning.

Hamas’s only plan is to get Palestinian civilians killed to pressure Israel, while lying about casualties.

Biden mimics Hamas propaganda by saying Israel must leave Hamas in power or more will die due to Hamas.

This rewards enemies for being brutal to their own people and gives them the upper hand.

“You know what Americans don’t like very much?” Shapiro asked. “When American allies lose. They do not like when America basically fosters terrorist victory … The media may be disquieted by the ugliness of war, but the American people genuinely don’t like when America’s enemies, people who hate America, win. We don’t like war in our faces all the time. But there’s something we like even less, and that is losing wars.”

“The media have basically controlled American foreign policy for four decades at this point. When America goes to war, the media immediately opines that the war is very ugly, very ugly.”

“But here’s the problem. America’s enemies know that war is ugly and they know that Americans care that war is ugly — and so they attempt to leverage that. That’s exactly what Hamas is doing right now,” he said. “The way Hamas wins is not by winning. Hamas has only one plan to survive: Get enough Palestinian civilians killed that they can, then get the international community to pressure Israel to preserving Hamas. And we don’t actually have straight statistics from inside the Gaza Strip because Hamas is providing them, and Hamas lies all the time.”

The PA, meanwhile, pays terrorists who kill Jews and a senior Palestinian official praised Hitler recently.

Yet Biden wants to empower the PA and preserve Hamas, showing no party willing to make lasting Middle East peace.

“That’s why it is so pathetic that the Biden administration continues to mimic the propaganda put out by Hamas. They are now suggesting that Israel basically ought to leave Hamas in place, because if they don’t leave Hamas in place, then too many people will die because of Hamas,” he added. “That is a formula for never winning a war again for anyone who’s in the West. You just gave the enemy the upper hand. The more evil and brutal they are toward their own civilians, the more you’re going to leave them alone seems to be the prevailing message here.”

Shapiro said Biden only wants these moves to aid election prospects, not peace.

“Meanwhile Israel is supposed to ignore the fact that its own citizens are still being killed. On Thursday, two Israeli citizens were murdered at a gas station in Eli, which is in [Samaria]. One of the people who committed the attack is a member of the Palestinian Authority police and the Palestinian Authority. Those are the people that the Biden administration would like to run the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority. So the Biden administration’s plan in the Middle East is to hand over power to the Palestinian Authority, which literally pays the families of terrorists who murder Jews, and preserve Hamas so that Joe Biden can win Michigan.”

“There is no party on the other side of the aisle from Israel that is willing to make anything like a lasting peace. It does not exist. Last week a senior Palestinian official spoke of how Hitler was right, saying, ‘When Hitler perpetrated the Holocaust, he had obvious reasons,’ adding that the Jews ‘planned to take control of Germany,’” Shapiro said.

“These are the people that Joe Biden would like to leave in place and give power,” he said.

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