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KJP says Republicans ‘getting in the way’ of securing border

via Forbes
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President Biden and former President Trump both scheduled visits to the U.S.-Mexico border on the same day, with Biden visiting Brownsville, Texas and Trump visiting Eagle Pass.

White House press secretary Jean-Pierre said Biden’s visit was not political and aimed to address the broken immigration system with input from border officials.

Jean-Pierre said, “[The president] has said that when Republicans rejected that Senate bipartisan bill on border security, on the immigration policy to fix a broken system that has been broken for decades, he said he was going to take it directly to the American people and also at the same time, hear from law enforcement and frontline personnel who deal with this issue every day.”

She blamed Republicans for rejecting bipartisan immigration bills and accused them of politicizing the issue.

“This is not about politics for this president. This is about how we’re going to fix an issue that the majority of Americans care about, a broken immigration system, the challenges at the border. That’s why the president thought it was important to go at this time,” she continued.

Jean-Pierre said, “They consistently get in the way of what the president is trying to do to get more resources.”

“They are turning this into a political stunt by listening to Donald Trump and saying that they need to kill it,” said Jean-Pierre.

While Jean-Pierre said Biden implemented immigration policies early in his term, illegal border crossings have reached historic levels under his administration.

Jean-Pierre said, “He did that on the first day. That was his first piece of legislation. I would hope the American people would see how serious this president was or is about fixing this issue.”

Jean-Pierre argued Biden’s visit was different than Republican “publicity stunts” and aimed to get more border security resources.

However, Biden is visiting an area where crossings have dropped, in contrast to other hotspots seeing high crossings.

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